How to Unf*ck The Planet – Book Review


Whilst looking for books on plants and how to be more sustainable in my day to day living I discovered this little number. Of course the book title caught my immediate attention and whilst some people may not like swearing, this book title is incredible impactful and gets your attention – 10/10.

Jo Stewart highlights in this book how you can live a more sustainable day by day. It’s a perfect consumable amount to action day by day and perfect for beginners looking more a more sustainable lifestyle. The intention behind this book to help all of us help make the planet a friendly and more eco-friendly place with the current climate situation worldwide. I’ve listed my favourite top five actions you do each day from Jo’s brilliant book to help the planet 🙂

1. Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden

Bees are fabulous insects which have a large role in pollinating the fruit and vegetables that we eat day to day. It’s important we protect and encourage the bees to pollinate our plants. ðŸŠī I have purchased lot of lovely flowers on my balcony to attract more bees. You can purchase lots of bee-friendly plants such as Lavender, Lemon Thyme and daisies as an example 🙂 🐝

2. Pay It Forward

This was my favourite tip in Jo’s book. It encourages you to purchase a coffee or a tab for a stranger. My first thought was, what if the stranger thinks I’m a creep – ha. However, that thought was probably worrying it in itself, the fact a random act of kindness would suggest it being creepy shows that we need to be kinder! Try it next time and buy a coffee for the person behind you and make somebody’s day.

3. Find Your Office Ride or Die

Transportation is one of the biggest causes of pollution in cities. Where possible, ride your bike or choose to get public transport or car share with a colleague to help reduce transport emissions.

4. Switch Off

This tip is my partner all over, I’m constantly following him around the house turning lights off. If you’re about to pop out make sure that all your lights are switched off and not consuming energy. This also applies to TV’s or computers you have plugged in at the wall but on standby. The planet and your energy bill will thank you later!

5. Take 3 For The Sea

I will be switching up my blog content to be more sustainability and eco-friendly focused as part of my help for climate change. I hope you enjoyed 😉

Yasmin xo

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