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If you love Insta as much as me, you probably spend a lot of your free time on it! #YAAAS

In this blog post I’ll let you know how I edit my Instagram photos and what tools/apps I use to edit my instagram shots.

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iPhone X Camera

A few months ago I upgraded my phone to the iPhone X and I can say hands down, it is THE BEST camera I’ve ever had on a phone! I take my photos in Portrait mode as this gives the best depth of field and makes images look incredible. You don’t need an iPhone X to take great photos, you can always use a digital camera, I also have a Canon DSLR which I increase the aperture on to get this effect on my photos. I also sometimes take my photos, especially flat-lays using the Square photo mode so that I don’t need to crop the image after – this also saves me heaps of time when trying to select from the best photo in my camera role.

Adobe Lightroom


I’ve used a fair few photo apps before on my iPhone but I’ve most recently been editing my Instagram photos using Lightroom and I really love the way you can apply the same ‘Present’ (aka – Filter) to every photo with one click – a total time saver – winner!

I first start by adding my photo into the Adobe Lightroom app and then changing each setting as I go along so I usually lighten the exposure, lower the contrast, lighten the highlights and give the image a brighter, fresher look. Typically I like to reduce the vibrance and saturation in the colour section as I prefer lighter images on my Instagram grid.

After I’ve got the right look and feel to my image I click the three little dot icon in the top right hand corner and ‘Save Present’ this then saves the edit settings that you’ve created so that when you go to edit another image you can re-use the previous present. Sometimes you have to review the images as some colours and images don’t always have a ‘one filter fits all’ look so I usually tweak the image slightly depending on the settings.

I’ve also included a before and after look below 🙂


















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