Sustainable Reusable Eco Makeup Pads


You may of seen a couple of posts on Instagram on reusable makeup remover cloths but are they the real deal? Personally I had previously always used cotton makeup remover pads but after realising they are bad for the environment and with the tiny about one actually removes per pad, it was excess waste I didn’t need to be using.

I’ve purchased the Garnier Micellar Removal Eco Pads in a pack of three. I thought three might neaten be better, one for foundation, one for eye makeup remover and one for spare for when the others are washed/drying.

I had just one previously and ended up with an eye infection as the makeup excess I was using from my foundation was getting in my eyes, not a cool look and painful. With that said it’s super important to wash the remover pads with soap and water to keep them fresh or you can be putting dirty makeup back on your face and in your eyes!

I’ve been using these for over month now and they are super easy to use and wash, just a bit of soap and some ruffling and squeezing and they clean really well. The one I use strictly for my eyes I wash more often and it’s really important I do not use that for foundation or my face to avoid eye infections.

The cost of these were pretty reasonable too $10AUD and Garnier mention one pad will last 1000 washes which is much better for the environment than cotton pads covered in plastic wrapping on purchase!

Yay to Garnier! Let me know in the comments whether you’re thinking of switching to reusable makeup pads or if you already have!

Yasmin xo

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