Blaq Meteor Shower Scrub Review


Every month I receive a monthly beauty subscription from Bellabox. In January’s 2018 edition of my Bellabox I received the Blaq Meteor Shower Scrub and oh my, I had to blog about it!

I regularly use exfoliators on a weekly basis to remove any dead skin and keep my skin feeling soft. I’ve recently started using a lot of coffee scrubs because they’ve been talked about to target cellulite, stretch marks and improve skin imperfections. I must admit I do love using my coffee scrubs but truth be told, I’m not actually a huge fan of coffee – I know, mad considering I live in Melbourne. Everyone loves coffee here!

When it came to trying to Blaq Meteor Shower Scrub I was already impressed by the fact it’s actually made from meteor dust – literally, how insane is that?! When trying out the product the first thing I noticed was its super lightweight texture which I loved. A lot of exfoliators are very rough, thick and sometimes can be harsh on sensitive skin. The scrub has an incredible glitter effect embedding with the activated charcoal. The colour of the charcoal and glitter leaves your skin looking a little grey and sparkly, which makes you feel kinda’ fabulous but don’t panic with a body wash the grey will easily wash off and make your skin feel so good.

I couldn’t recommend this product even more if you haven’t tried it, you need to – you won’t regret it šŸ™‚

I also reviewed the meteor shower scrub on my YouTube channel too which you can check out below.


Yasmin xo


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